Betting Site Bonuses

Sign Up Bonus offers for horse bettingOnline racebook betting is a revolution in the industry. Local race tracks and OTB locations simply can’t offer advantages that an online horse race betting book can offer. Most horseplayers understand that the key to making profit betting on horses is to manage your money. Without advantages like sign up bonuses, reload bonuses and rebates on wagering loses, many horseplayers will struggle to make even a 10% profit on their bets. All horseplayers need to take advantage of the bonuses and rebates offered to them via online racebook betting.

Sign Up Bonus Offers for Horse Betting

Below is our list of recommended online racebooks that offer the best possible sign up bonuses. Best doesn’t always mean the highest percentage bonus. Best also means the fairest rollover requirements, which is why we personally studied each one of the sign up bonuses that these racebooks offer.

* REMINDER! - you must be of legal age in your state or province to legally wager on thoroughbred or harness horse racing. Please bet responsibly!

Why doesn't my local OTB offer a deposit bonus? 

The answer is that it’s impossible for any OTB to offer a deposit bonus because an OTB doesn’t run its own book the way that an online racebook does. The OTB and the race track are in a partnership.

Money that the OTB accepts for bets on horse races goes into the same pools as the money that other OTB outlets and the actual race track accepts. Since the race track is in charge of the pool of money for each single bet, the OTB cannot give you money on your deposit. This is yet another reason for horseplayers to switch to online racebooks.

If I deposit a second or third time, can I claim another offer?

Some online racebooks offer reload bonuses. Reload bonuses offer a percentage up to a certain amount deposited. For example, if you deposited $100 and now you want to “reload” and deposit another $100, the online racebook might offer you a 10% reload bonus.

Online racebooks that don’t offer reload bonuses do often times offer rebates. Rebates are becoming essential to a horseplayers’ bottom line. For example, if a horseplayer wagers $100 on a horse to win, the racebook offers a 5% rebate, and the horse loses, the horseplayer gets back $5. Only online racebooks offer rebates on wagers.